Mysterious Kabir


Here we will enter an even more secret page of the hidden story. The epic of cabrios remains largely unknown, like the thousand facets of the great Rama of Hyperborea. Knowing that you can not lose sight of what was hidden.

Some people complain that I talk too much about the protohistory, and not enough about personal development. They can do like everyone else, and zap what they dislike. The choice of topics I propose does not belong to me. It was imposed by a sense of urgency and necessity from which it was impossible to escape. I tried once, I never did it again.

The Kabir were astronomers and fertility engineers, to make it clear: master geneticists from the bottom of the space. Their secret cult was celebrated in Ireland by Tuatha de Danaan, and in Greece in Samothrace, Lemnos and Imbros.

The Tuatha de Danaan, remember, were giants themselves. They descended in a straight line from the Hyperboreans – if not Hyperboreans themselves. “Gods” in any case, ie all powerful beings, omniscient, capable of prowess in our eyes of puny humans. This gives the Kabir a very great importance, since the quasi-divine Hyperboreans devoted to them a secret cult. Several initiates see in the mysterious Cabires the first terraformers of this planet, previous to the Elohim – and possibly greater than them. Some others say they were just their assistants.

In principle – difficult to be assertive about them! – the Kabir were four males, Axiocercus and his son Cadmilus; two females, Axiera and Axiocersa. My interpretation is: Axiera is the very first Great Goddess. The next generation is embodied by the couple Axiocersa and Axiocercus. The third generation by their son Cadmilus. The latter is called a diminutive. Cadmilus can read “the little Cadmos”. It is possible that his father was called, not Axiocercus, but Cadmos, while this name was spread in mythological Greece.

Cabires (or Kabir) were Hellenic deities (Greek mythology), whose origin, true nature and various transformations offer the historian of ancient religions one of the most difficult and interesting problems.

Their name meets, for the first time, in the fourth century BC, in a fragment of Pindar (source)Hippolyte, Ref. Hoer., V, 7, p. 136 Until the time of Epaminondas, they remain mingled in the crowd of demons, personification of the physical forces, that the progress of the philosophical ideas and the development of the religious sense have transformed little divinities of the moral world.

From that moment until the fall of paganism, they were made important, if not superior, to the most eminent personalities of the Hellenic pantheon; they resemble a mysterious cult, rival of the most famous and most respected, of the cult of Eleusis.

In my opinion, as you can imagine, the Kabir are not personifications of the physical forces, they were the physical forces themselves. The Kabir were capable at will of triggering the worst storms by the control of the electronics and thus of the planetary meteorology, to make fall the lightning – or its technological equivalent – to their liking where they wish by the control of the fulgurology, to trigger floods on this or that part of the globe by controlling the climatology, to move mountains or to build pyramids by controlling gravity, to heal from a distance by controlling radiation and scalar waves, to kill or to injure remotely by the same mastery, to resuscitate the dead by mastering electro-bionics and the invisible, to change their appearance through molecular control, to appear and disappear, to show themselves to two places at the same time, by mastering ubiquity and space-time, changing time, planet, plan, rejuvenate or age, grow or shrink, change sex etc.

How not to take them for all-powerful gods? The heroes, the demi-gods, the devas, the angels, the giants, the patriarchs, all beings much more powerful than us, have taken them for gods and venerated as such. Yet I tell you, they are not God. They are not the Source. They are God’s servants, if you will. Just like us. No more no less.

What does Cabire mean?

“The etymologies of the name Cabire are very numerous, but they all tend towards a higher value indicating the dawn and the consciousness.” (source)Alfred Weysen, Le temple du secret et l’apocalypse, p.90 sq

Kabir in Sumer refers to the beak of the bird. In one of the languages ​​of the Indian peninsula, Kabir means big. The root cabi, kapi, kap is found in many ancient languages ​​to designate the chief. Caput, in Latin the head, gave the German Kapo, the Italian Capo and the French Corporal.

Kabar is the Sumerian name of Cyprus, in India Kabara is the braid, the beautiful hair, in Hebrew K is the almighty god, in the same language KB is the female gender, the matrix. there is also Kabir, great or leader.For the Greek world, Kaberia refers to the violent headache that Zeus felt when he had to give birth to Athena. (source)Alfred Weysen, Le temple du secret et l’apocalypse, p.90 sq


It will be remembered that Zeus was the father and mother of Athena, who, according to legend, came out of his father’s head. We are too used to interpreting myths as fabrics of fariboles. We must put ourselves in the place of the ignorant who were the first witnesses of these extraordinary facts. How could they tell them to others? How has this story been mutilated by centuries? The first results must then be cross-checked in the light of another mythological source, geographically distant if possible.

In the jubilant case of Athena’s birth, I explained elsewhere that her daughter was born in a test tube, entirely conceived by her father’s brain, and brilliant application of the eugenic genetics of the prior gods. Jubilatory, because that makes sense. Zeus has engrossed a good hundred human, nymphs and goddesses, probably much more given the length … of his reign. But not only.

Divine Genetics

Human models, he also invented thousands in his genetics lab. And then clones. Duplicates Twins. Athena had as many as three hundred models, connected to her, and absolutely indistinguishable from herself. Holy name of Zeus! They were all called Athena, but they were recognizable by subtle inflections of the tonic accent that differentiated the three hundred homonyms.

They materialized in adolescence, and only aged very slowly, and very slowly. No baby Athena, it never existed. An Athena teen, then young adult. Never old, either. They were destined for warlike functions and showed serious gifts for tactics, strategy, psychology, and the art of influencing crowds. Without stopping, Zeus was trying to improve his model.

But his greatest success, at the conception of which all the gods participated, each in his chosen field, is undoubtedly Pandora, the bellissima Pandora. Her name means “who has all the gifts”. She was more beautiful than Venus the most beautiful goddess ; smarter than the mighty Juno / Hera, head of the divine government of Olympus in Hyperborea ; more magical, sexier, closer ; more distant, more attractive, more attracted ; more lovable, more solid, sweeter, and stronger ; such was the magnificent Pandora, all gifted, all gilded, so much adored.

What feat did not please Zeus’ legitimate, all-powerful Juno / Hera! The jolly good fellow has deceived her millions of times with a total lack of shame.


But Kabir is also cabri, which means goat in many languages. Kabir belongs to Capricorn or Aries. “Ab Ram, by sacrificing a ram, gives their name to the Arabs Ab Ram – the shining ram – ancient name of the Aramean Arabs with Eber and Kabiru, their names in Egypt. Ab-Ram, son of Ram the Aries.” (source)Alfred Weysen, Le temple du secret et l’apocalypse, p.90 sq By genetics or according to the flesh.

The quest for the GrailFrench: Graal

Please back to the meaning of the name Kabir or Cabire. “In Greece again, Kabiria was the island of Deneter whose Cabries ganrdent and reveal the secrets of life.” (source)Alfred Weysen, Le temple du secret et l’apocalypse, p.90 sq It is even possible that celery was also used during the ritual of “mysteries” celebrated in the ancient city of Thebes and in the islands of Samothrace and Lemnos in honor of the chtonian deities called Kabir.

“In the Arab world, the Kaaba protects the black stone in Mecca, the holy city, Akhbar is the name of Allah and the plural, the superlative of Kabir.” (source)Alfred Weysen, Le temple du secret et l’apocalypse, p.90 sq Incredible! As if we said Allah Cabirissime. Powerful on the powerful. I leave it to the authorAlfred Weysen, Le temple du secret et l’apocalypse, p.90 sq the entire responsibility of this etymology that I can not help but find pretty.

“In Egypt, the seven planetary cabins, symbols of the Great Bear, pillar axis of Heaven, are brought back to Ptah, father of the Cabries.The seven gods of first order give birth to twelve heavenly gods, six males and six females, forming a Supreme Council.” (source)Alfred Weysen, Le temple du secret et l’apocalypse, p.90 sq

Decidedly, as soon as it is a question of the origin of the terraforming gods, the Big Dipper is everywhere. The gods before were mostly from there – Latin name: Ursa Major.

When the council of twelve gods, we can see the archetype of the asses of twelve members, starting with the apostles of Jesus. It is easy to recognize also the divine model of the Round Table. The quest for Cabires is the real quest for the Grail. Gra as grand or great, and Al or All designating the All, the multiverse. I am pleased with the powerful deductions of Alain Aillet, specialist of the language of the origins, which seems to be also the galactic language. So I deduced with him that the GRA AL – or GRA IL – means the Great All.

There is more truth in the universe than in all the books of men.
Willy Shakespeare