The Name Of God


Mythologies tell us the true story of our origin. Everything is contained in the language. The names of God are countless, which is troubling when it comes to a single god. The French word Dieu comes from the Greek Theos, which also gives Zeus. But where does the English word God come from?


French speakers pray to Zeus, which is funny. Names of ancient gods! In French, Odin-dieu gave odious; Freya gave fright; Thor sounds like wrong and Prometheus sounds like promise. Jean Ray used the latter in Malpertuis — remarkable book — a must-read novel.

For a long time I have wondered about the origin of the word GOD. No character from any mythology can generate this name. And tonight, suddenly, the evidence dazzles me: GOD comes from GOTH. Is this an accepted fact in the UK? Maybe all English people are aware of the fact and they will find me naive, at least I have never heard of it.

At least I thought so. I actually knew it, but I didn’t understand. Frequent behavior. Those who are in the moon are customary. I am gliding in the astral, and I am not talking about painting, oh no.

God = Goth. This equation raises many conclusions. All of them are frightening. First of all, all English speakers, including me when I speak English, pledge allegiance to Goth, that is to say to the German people, to our masters, to our gods. Fucking pan-Germanism!

If Goth is God, no surprise when Hitler declared the Germans the chosen race. As a result, he was forced to exterminate the other chosen race, the Jews, who had some precedence. Or not. But whatever ? Impossible for a Goth son of Gott im Himmel God of heaven to admit competition, unfair or not.

No connection to so-called Jewish greed or the stranglehold on world finance … It doesn’t matter whether the Jews crucified the Christian prophet. The real reason is the title of chosen breed. Just a question of mythology. Of fiction. Old ghosts … What does the other side say? Fuck your race, of course.

Hitler against the Jews, that’s just it. Nothing else. A cock contest. A mentally ill ego has driven a whole people crazy. Odious Odin, they shouldn’t vote for Wotan. This misplaced ego has caused millions of deaths, tens of millions of deported, humiliated, beaten, tortured … Fucking kali yuga, you have to do it.

We did not invent anything, barbarism dates back to protohistory. Our gods fought with other divine ethnicities. Those with scales versus those who are only four meters tall, for example. This particular struggle occupies two thirds of the Bible, for those who can read and understand what an oversight means.

Now I have to look for an ancient god called Goth – if he ever existed – and if an ancient seer wrote about him. Not simple, and very random. I will have to visit the past, a game where I excel. But the results are not guaranteed, far from it. I have a feeling that this new quest that is beginning will last a year or more … It will bring us to the urgency to change the name GOD if we are to avoid a new explosion of Pan-Germanism … which could easily happen in these days of uncertainty and hatred of the other.

I am going to tell you the plain truth. The only chosen race is mine: the Celts. (???) I mean the white Celts



Other Names of God

I have studied the many names of supposedly unique gods elsewhere. Here is this study on those of the creator god of the ancient Egyptians.

Ptah (or Tanen or Ta-tenen or Tatenen or Tathenen or Peteh or Phtha “He who opens”) is the creator God, he is the patron of artists, craftsmen and architects as well as the God of learning and knowledge and the demiurge of Memphis where he was considered to be the creator of the cosmos. He is also the patron of construction, metallurgy and sculpture. He was also the Patron of shipyards and carpenters in general. He was also credited with the power of healing. He would have thought the world in his heart and then would have realized it through the verb. He is one of the first deities of Egypt.

Ptah means “the one who opens” in Egyptian.
Tanen means “many years” 多年 in Japanese.
Tatenen means “vertical year” 縦 年 in Japanese.
Tathenen means “finished” in German.
Phtha means “victory” फ़तह in Hindi.

From which we can infer the following scenario. Ptah is not a god, but a divine people. Like Toth, Lugh, Enoch, Adam and a few other mythological heroes. Ptah is a people victorious over the barbarians, a chosen people who have opened a long and peaceful era of progress for mankind. This era lasted for many years, more precisely a vertical year, that is to say twelve divine years or zodiac eras of 2000 years each, ie 24,000 years. It is now over.

I will add that it began with the Aries era 26,000 years ago, corresponding to the Greco-Roman ages of silver and bronze. It ended with the arrival of our era, that of Pisces, which is also drawing to a close.

But here, divine surprise, a certain god GAUT emerges from ancient limbo …


The god Gaut

Gaut is originally the main god of the Goths. The name of this Scandinavian god of war is probably at the origin of the name of this people. According to the oral tradition of the Visigoths and the Ostrogoths, he is the ancestor of the two main Gothic lineages: the lineage of the Amales for the Ostrogoths and, “of less importance” according to Jordanes, of Ostrogothic origin, the lineage of the Balthes for the Visigoths .

Although Christianity, and especially Arianism, gradually began to touch the Goths from the year 341, these two lineages from this pagan divinity nevertheless retained until the middle of the sixth century at least, their prestige and their sacred, mythical side.

The meaning of the name of this God is perhaps identical to the meaning of the name of “goth”: “pourer of seed”, “progenitor”, that is to say “Man”. (source)


The Goat and the Ram

Don’t be surprised to find out that GOTH just means man. From Amerindian tribes to aborigines, from African ethnic groups to the peoples of Siberia, from the Arctic Circle to Japan, all cultures, all lineages have given themselves the name of human being. Implying that the others are only copies of the prestigious original that we are, we who belong to the only people worthy of the name. It is clear that the myth of the chosen people was invented neither by the Jews nor by the Nazis. the chosen peoples are as old as the world; all ages have counted thousands.

Gaut or Goth sounds a bit like goat. Who is the male of the goat? The ram. Who is the most famous Aries? Rama, about whom I have already spoken a lot. Rama who was like Goth a god of war. And like its Roman version the god Mars, which gives Sram if we turn it over in verlan. S Ram?French: Est-ce Ram? Is this Ram? Jesus himself wanted to be the son of the Goat and the Ram. Son of Gaut and Rama. How many times has he not said: I am the Lamb of God? He also wanted to be the pastor of his people, just like Rama.




Science and magic

Gaut is the god of war. And it was war that allowed the ram god Rama to conquer and unify most of the planet. He achieved this thanks to technological superiority, which the ancients describe as magical, necessarily …

The sword named Terving or Tyrfind was given directly to the first ancestor of the Balthes by the god of war Gaut. It is an instrument of victorious combat and triumphant justice. It is passed down from generation to generation and symbolizes the origin of royal power. (source)

Tyr can designate Tire, the ancient port of Lebanon, an area very connected to the former gods with their Baalbek spaceport. Now the letter y is pronounced u in Germanic. Tyr / Tur would be spelled Tür in German, which means the door. Like a spaceport? There was more than one in the area … In Turfing we find the famous golden phoneme which attests to a Hyperborean origin … As for fing, it means taken in the same language, that of the origins, the German language. Suddenly Tyrfing would mean the door taken, or again: taken from Ur. The same idea as in Excalibur

So ? Is Tyrfind a magic weapon or a modern type weapon developed by the gods before? It all depends on the point of view you take. For the crude and ignorant beings that were our distant ancestors, all divine science was confused with magic.

Any sufficiently advanced technology is indistinguishable from magic. (Arthur C. Clarke)


The Tyrfing sword

In Norse mythology, Tyrfing is a magical sword. She is mentioned in the poetic Edda. It was forged by the dwarves Dvalinn and Durin under the duress of Svafrlami because the King wanted a sword that brought him victory, so the dwarves forged Tyrfing to bring victory very easily to its bearer but the dwarves threw a Curse on the Sword: If Tyrfing brought victory to its wearer, it would also cause three evil deeds.

Svafrlami was killed by Arngrim, a berserk, who in turn took his sword from him. Afterwards it was carried by Angantyr and his 11 brothers. All were killed in Samsø by Swedish champion Hjalmar and his brother Orvar-Odd; but Hjalmar was mortally wounded by the sword and had just enough time to ask Orvard-Odd to return his body to Uppsala.

In the series of Bjorn the Morphir and Bjorn in the Underworld, she is cited as a magical sword endowed with life. It grants immeasurable combat rage to its wearer and is said to have been worn by a hero named Snorri. (source)

All the Former Gods and many heroes their descendants have carried a magical weapon. It’s so common that you can’t help but think of a missing constant. A disappeared know-how, undoubtedly technological, which allowed the Cyclops to reign on the Earth while still young, then to transmit their talents of blacksmiths and weapons manufacturers to Zeus and his Olympians. Let us quote the aegis of Athena, the lyre of Orpheus, and many others.

Shiva and Yahveh are described in possession of weapons of mass destruction. These weapons from elsewhere are present in much more recent legends, such as that of Arthur and his magic sword Excalibur whose cryptic name reveals the origin.



Odin Wotan

Odin Woden Wodan Wotan … He could be GOTT, god of the Goths. The Nordic etymology of its multiple-variant name revolves around madness: destructive frenzy, fury, demonic possession, etc. So this frenzy is found in all the giants who are by nature subject to the red veil, the irrepressible desire to kill. This is what lost the powerful Cuchulainn who kills his own son before perishing himself … or embarking to cross the Atlantic ocean.

Odin is associated with the goddess Frigg or Freya. Due to the phonetic kinship, one can infer that Freya causes fright. Just like Pan gives panic. As a rule, the gods before are never reassuring. Let us return to the gods what is odious …

In the picture above, God visits Volva, the Holy Vulva. She is a sacred seer, respected by all including God the Father. Volva is the source of wisdom and life energy. We recognize in her both the Pythia and the Wouivre. No doubt, sexuality has long been synonymous with magic. And the magic itself is largely derived from sacred sexuality: magia sexualis. (pdf)

As for me, I have the idea that this Volva is nothing more than an avatar of the Mother Goddess. If the god of the gods visits him, it is to mark his allegiance to the authentic patroness, the first of all, Dana Ann of the Tuatha, the ancestor of the ancestors as indicated by the etymology Ahn who expresses extreme antiquity, and relatedly, divine origin.

This divine fury, this red veil that preludes the massacres, the frenzy in the fights and the love of war, it is the gods of before who transmitted them to us, but downside: we are not left out …


Made in their image

The barbarity of the origins remains our trademark. More history this time. I’m talking about here and now. I show you the present moment, the imminent future. No jealousy, horror is everywhere. Barbarism in both camps. Those who want that to change and who kill to win. Those who want it to last and who kill to keep.

All barbarians. Uselessly cruel, frightfully duels, insincere, primary, sectarians. All barbarians and tomorrow will be worse. Sigh. Barbarism as a wavelength and as an electoral promise. The banal horror. The everyday infamy.

We don’t even see it anymore, which is even more serious. We no longer rebel. We are reluctant, yes we are. We kick around softly, we grumble, grind our teeth, we ruminate while grumbling, but it does not go any further. We don’t care.

I remember yesteryear. I have lived too long. I remember before. Should I blame my age or the rage we had? See their turnip blood. Their valor is shaved. Their too fresh eggs laid. Tocards. Everything is owed to them. To exhaust these morons? Wasted effort. Not one responded.



For nothing is hidden that will not become evident, nor anything secret that will not be known and come to light.