The Seven Archons


According to the Gnosis of the early centuries, the Archons ruled the Kingdom of Darkness. Masters of the seven planets, they prevent souls from leaving the material world. Together they form the Sancta Hebdomas or Prince of Darkness.


SevenFrench Sept = Seth

Seven archons, seven planets, seven days of the week. The spelling of this figure is closely related to negation. In formal logic, the symbol of negation and the number seven are so close that they can easily be confused.

Seven is also the third son of Adam, Seth. Hence I conclude that he was not the third son, but the seventh, as his name suggests.

Tradition says that this cursed son was reptilian. In this case, Seven must be the son of Adam’s first wife, Lilith the reptilian. Seth is only the half-brother of Cain and Abel, who are both sons of Eve. In French Seth is read Sept, Seven. This number clearly indicates that he is the seventh child of Lilith and Adam. Seven reptilians who are probably the famous Hebdomas.


Seven creators of the material

The seven children of Lilith and Adam are the seven archons who created the ancient material world. This is not the whole universe, but this whole part of the Milky Way, our solar system. The Sun its star, the Earth, the Moon and the planets.

Known as the Weekly (ἑβδομάς), they are considered the last and lowest emanations of Divinity; below them – and often considered to be proceeding from them – comes the world of the truly diabolical powers.


The upper astral

Beyond the Weekly, there are the supercelestial regions that a soul must reach by gnosis or knowledge to escape the domination of the archons. This place is considered the home of Sophia (Wisdom) and Barbelo, also called Ogdoad. (source)

In these regions there is also the Pleroma, place where reside the superior gods, super creators able to breathe an immortal soul in an animal mechanics. The flesh is good, but it’s nothing. The soul is better. More durable. But the ancient texts are ambiguous. It is difficult to know whether the Pleroma is a physical place, or a place of consciousness.

I think this is the upper astral, where I had the bad idea to bring a team of novice readers. We were never able to reach him, stopped by a bunch of archicons who shot my neck with some kind of killing laser beam. These outlaws think they are sheriffs. They shoot anything that moves, as long as it happens on their territory.

At first I thought they were archangels, not really funny exterminators. Actually not, they were archons. The difference is so small that it looks like my pension.



The days of the week

That’s what tickles me, the seven archons in a Weekly. Usually a weekly is a weekly newspaper. A weekly is a week. For a lunatic like me, this word also refers to dromedaries, those fake camels that have only one hump. And not the math bump: these mono-moguls can’t even count to two.

The names of the days of the week come from the Roman gods. Would the gods and archons be the same? Every day has its god, every god is bound to a planet. Diane is the Monday is the Moon of the goddess Diana, then the god and the planet Mars for Tuesday, the god and the planet Mercury for Wednesday, the god and the planet Jupiter for Thursday, the god and the planet Venus for Friday, the god and the planet Saturn for Saturday, and Apollo the sun god for Sunday.

In English, Sun says to himself, Sun from whence Sunday, the day of the Sun. But in French, how to recognize the sun in the word Sunday? Etymologists do not hesitate to add bad faith to their ignorance. Sunday, for them, would be the deformation of dominus, lord in Latin. We can say that of the Spanish domingo or the Italian domenica.


Ar Manach

I found another etymology using Breton, a language very close to Gaul that etymologists ignore with the same contempt as Julius Caesar. My Breton etymology is quite convincing. It means the day of the lord, or better, the day of the monk.

In Breton, monk is called manach. For instance Ploumanach means the parish of the monk. We find this word in ar Manach, the almanac, because this precious guide was brought by an itinerant monk. When they saw him, they cried: Ar manach! The monk!

It is possible in the same way that another very local word comes from the monk: Armagnac. We know how much the monks loved alcohol, they produced famous ones, the great chartreuse, the Benedictine, verbena of the abbey of Lérins, up to the champagne invented by Dom Pérignon.

I also detect it in our note on Sunday. Di as day, termination of the six working days; and handle as manach, the day of the monk, the day of mass at the abbey. Formerly in Brittany, manach could be pronounced manch’.


Ipso Facto the bitch

The French word Saturday, too, seems very far from Saturn. I found it a Breton etymology. The ending di remains Latin, it means the day, no change: Samm’s day. In Breton, samm is the burden, the burden. Saturday in Romanized Gaul was a day that serfs, workers, peasants, owed to the clergy. They served as free labor for the many works of the abbey, its monks, its animals, its orchards, its vineyards, its roads and its fields. Saturday, day of the load, day of the burden.

This shows how the church our holy mother has become ipso facto the representative of the Archons, these demons of matter, these servants of the Great Archon Mammon that the church honors so much and more, mocking the misery of the world with its huge fortune lurking in tax havens. It has the first bank account in the Swiss tax haven. And many more under nominees and code numbers. The unfortunate turkeys! What did they hope to hide from a seer of the Wolf Clan?



To be honest, the Celtic etymology for Saturday sounds good to me. I have something else in mind: the word Samadhi. It’s Sanskrit. Do not be surprised if words of the ancient Indian language have slipped into our vocabulary: the Celts conquered India alongside Rama. The first Buddhas were black skinned Celtic giants. This is why Breton, Gaul, French etc, are part of the Indo-European languages.

Samadhi is the eighth and final step on the path of yoga, as defined by the Yoga Sutras of Patanjali. The term is derived from sam meaning «together» or «completely». Direct translations vary and interpretations range from «bliss» to «liberation» and even «enlightenment».. The term is derived from several Sanskrit roots; sam meaning «together» or «completely», a meaning «verse» and dhe, meaning «put». Direct translations vary and interpretations range from «bliss» to «liberation» and even «enlightenment».

Much cooler! Saturday is my day, I who have only one goal, planetary awakening. It is so much my day that I managed to be born on a Friday night. Beginning of the weekly rest, when the crucified has passed away and when tomorrow is the day of ecstasy …




Churches and Archons do the same job: prevent souls from leaving the material realm. It is they, or the dark force they represent, who oppose the liberation of humans, especially by preventing them from awakening. Their power is very active at the end of kaliyuga, because we are deprived of the liberating influence of love. The Great Goddess has been sleeping for 4,000 years. And no need to rely on our sleeping religions to practice unconditional love. With them, love dries up if it is not priced.

Ana Isis Hathor has been sleeping for 4 millennia. When she fell asleep, it was the end of matriarchy. She spent all the kaliyuga in a deep sleep, dormancy, indispensable for the survival of reptiles in unfavorable conditions for their body without thermal regulation, as I explain here.

Regularly, the Goddess needs a long sleep of 4000 years. Every time she sleeps, it’s kali yuga. The Dark Age. When she finally awakens, full of dynamism and desire, a new golden age begins. It lasts 32,000 years.

When the positive energy of the Goddess declines, it is the Silver Age, half as long as the Golden Age, or 16,000 years. Then comes the Bronze Age, further reduced by half, 8000 years. And finally the iron age, the dark age, the loveless age, the kaliyuga where the inner fire dies.

When it dies out, mankind experiences widespread extinction, either through fire, water, atomic war, or pandemics. The next extinction is coming. It will bring together the four cataclysms.

What little of this humanity will remain will create a new, intelligent race, the size of a Smurf to have room to multiply, with blue skin to avoid previous races. You don’t believe me? Read this again in two thousand years, you’ll agree. You say to yourself: “By Jove! This fucking guy had seen fucking right!”

I’ll will appreciate this fucking compliment.


In cold blood

Reptilian dormancy corresponds (somewhat) to mammalian hibernation. The latter may not hibernate if the winter temperature remains temperate, while reptiles are cold-blooded. No choice, they have to sleep.

The earth seems to be warming, the ice is melting on the ice sheets and the glaciers are retreating. The Goddess may well wake up by the year 2400. Patience!

Animals and cold-blooded gods have similar characteristics, both physical and mental. The expression of cold blood is said of a killer, for example, who has no state of mind, who keeps perfect self-control without being disturbed by emotions.


No feeling

Cold-blooded animals, reptiles and reptilians, have no feelings. They have only sensations: heat, cold, pain, pleasure, enjoyment, inconvenience, disturbance, etc. They know two emotions, jealousy and anger. Out of there, boy. Que tchi. Nib.

The expression cold-blooded or law, which designates a kind of bastard, is a distortion of the saying real estate hundred times rented. The butchers will write Sang Foie nie l’oie.

But this is barbarism. A big mistake unworthy of these lines. Please forgive me and do penance. Penitenziagite!!

The Dolcinians, a Christian religious movement, was classified as a heresy by the Catholic Church in the 14th century. Their rallying cry was “Penitenziagite”, from the Latin penitentiam agite, “do penance”. Fra Dolcino was burned in 1307 with his heretical followers.

Question: Is Catholic clergy a fire-breathing dragon or a fucking reptile with seven thousand tentacles?
Answer: Both.



The Seven Unmasked

Yaldabaoth, son of chaos – Master of Saturn, evil demiurge assimilated to Jehovah/ Yahweh, Chronos, Shiva… He is the master of Time, and as time is money, he reigns over the blur. He is called Mammon.

Iao or Yahou – Master of Jupiter. Yahouh, Yahweh finds himself in the IAO magic cry of the Mystery cults. It is a muffled rumble that springs from the depths and makes the earth shake, like the sound of thunder, his favorite weapon.

Sabaoth – Master of Mars. The title Yahweh Sabaoth, General of Hosts was a proper name, hence Jupiter Sabbas. Sabaoth gave shabbat. The Jewish Sabbath. And Saturday, too? This origin is admitted by several etymologists, for whom Hebrew is more likely than Celtic. The Bretons do not enjoy great esteem in Frankish land.

The Lower Brittons are smart like broomsticks. (popular saying of Upper Brittons).


Astaphanos or Astaphaios – Master of Venus. Velikowski claims that the planet Venus was a giant comet that severely disrupted the solar system before it captured it.

Adonai – Master of the Sun, his name comes from Hebrew and means Lord. Is it him that we pray when we invoke Our Lord?

He’s supposed to be the big boss, but he’s done his time. I suspect the Sun in question is not our distant star, but the great Sun suspended 200km above the North Pole. Adonai would be another name for Apollo.

Elaios – Master of Mercury, his name is to be brought closer to El or Elohim as well as Allah. Mercury, Roman god, Hermes for the Greeks,

Horaios – Master of the Moon, would his name come from Horus? Or his mastery of the moon could bring him closer to the mother of Horus, the great goddess Isis.

The ancient Greeks consider Isis the goddess of the moon, while the Egyptians make her the goddess of the sun.


The reigning Archon

These seven form the Weekly, but are not all Archons. Basilide taught the existence of a “great archon” called Abraxas who presided over 365 archons. But the one that matters to us is the first archon, our current master. His frenetic cult has eclipsed all other religions.

This is YaldabaothHashem or MammonMaster of the Earth. This dragon spits fire that can destroy an entire troop. It is not a metaphor. The great reptilian lizards are led by flying dragons, their absolute masters. The Seven take turns because they need to sleep, like all animals in cold blood.see above

“Some dragons look dead when in fact they are in a state of deep meditation” (Lewis Trondheim)


Mammon is the strongest, the brightest, the dirtiest. Prince of Matter, his etheric double flows in all hands. Archon of Gold, he reigns over money, money and sin, eternally wallowing on the fabulous treasure he has custody of. It is from him that it is said in the Hypostasis of the Archons:

Their leader is blind.
His power associated with his ignorance
and his arrogance makes him say
“I am God, there is no other”.

He is bloody right. Look around. Look inside. What is the god that everyone serves, after whom everyone runs?



Evil archons

“The Archons plunged Adam into a trance to lull his perception. They have done the same on humanity, burdening hearts, losing attention and perception so that the reflection of the Divine Light disappears in them.

Those who cultivate the spirit of life, those whose illumination of the body strengthens the soul, no one can plunge them into oblivion of their true nature. For others, the evil spirit is strengthened by leading them astray. The Archons overwhelm their souls and make them forget who they are.” (The Apocryph of John, II).

Read it again. It was written around the year 30. It was two thousand years ago exactly. And since then, it has only grown and become ugly. Our perceptions are deeply asleep. We live in a perpetual trance, obsessed as we are with the race to the gray green bills. Our hearts are weighed down, our attention fails, our perceptions itou. As for the divine glow, very clever who can still see it, and very strong who emits it.

Few are we to cultivate the spirit of life. Those who dedicate themselves to it inhabit their true nature. For others, they feed the dark energy of the Archon. They have no idea who they are. Awakening is farther from them than the Andromeda galaxy.

The Andromeda galaxy, or NGC 224, is a spiral galaxy located about 2.55 million light-years from the Sun, in the constellation of Andromeda.


The spirit of life

Only enlightenment can allow you to rediscover your true nature. From today, be sure to cultivate the spirit of life. If you want to believe, always believe without believing. If you want to look, think outside the box. If you want to listen, keep your ears shut. If you want to look, use your third eye, the look that can see beyond appearances. We are in a deceptive world. The Archons ate our heads, minds and hearts. To be free and gloat in the spirit of life, you must raise a wall of indifference between our evil masters and your pure conscience.

Do not believe those who love money. Do not seek what is bought. Don’t look at objects with envy. They are all perishable. What will you do with them when you die? A shroud has no pocket. Whatever your fortune, you will not take it to heaven. You can have a white marble tomb encrusted with gold under a chapel to match or will your corpse rot in a mass grave, do not worry. When the body has done its time, it returns to the earth.

If you want to continue the journey, don’t carry luggage. If you want your life to sing, your heart to be enchanted, the Devil to be disillusioned, come to me. I have exactly what you need. To give it to you is my duty. Good duty!



The Matriarchs








Men do not learn much from the lessons of history and that is the most important of all the lessons of history.
Aldous Huxley